Artist Statement

My multidisciplinary practice takes shape in drawing, painting, installation and performance. These create a conversation between reality and fiction without an obvious script or a logical interpretation. Instead, they follow the intuitive method of accumulation of images, words and fragmented materials in an assembly. The materials used are often transcribed from my personal archive, images from the day-to-day and found objects that are then transformed in a process of joining, filtration, emptying and decontextualisation of their initial meaning. The final images create confusing, impossible, contradictory and magical ambients that are populated by various characters and situations. These compositions are nods to the humor of circumstances, misunderstanding of language, dualism and historicism. The characters present throughout my practice serve as actors in a play, living inside theatrical installations and live performances. The associations imposed by these images and words depict a journey through the irrational and experimental world, forming open-ended and dissociated narratives in a space of permanent transition through political and social engagement.